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We are a design and consulting, our business is based on a partnership relationship with the client, which allows you to achieve success in the implementation of any project.

We are not afraid of challenges.
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Our work is a dynamic process, together with the client through the next stages of the project we get the end result being an expression of knowledge, skills and experience.

We are flexible, we do not keep up once the chosen path, and make changes in order to finally achieve the best effect.

We know that one of the most valuable resource is time, therefore realistically assess our options but also can adapt to changing realities and the demands and needs of our customers.

  • 01 Design Illustration

    Our work is noticing how many details in the image presented by the client and using graphical and design tools to reach a common goal.

  • 02 Our Passion

    We are a young company but full of passion and commitment. Our knowledge and experience are 6 years of work during which more than 200 projects created albums. We worked for major labels in the music industry by creating graphics and applications.

  • 03 Web Apps

    The passion for music makes specialize in music applications based on Internet technologies that supported the website form a coherent whole.